Bella Green Tiny Houses is a little different than most tiny house builders. We offer an awesome selection of very affordable and inspired Tiny House Shells and Fully-Built models, all of which are built “Bella” (Italian for Beautiful) and “Green” (Eco-friendly). Because we understand everyone’s needs in a tiny house are different, we provide you the freedom to choose the best size, design, and especially price-point to make your tiny house fit your wants, needs, and budget. Our houses are all delivered on wheels, but unlike most, they easily transition to a foundation, if so desired.

Owner Mike Goins is a retired English professor and writer who loves helping others understand how to make the most of their lives – a “true Green guy” and tiny house advocate, he understands the needs, necessities and challenges of “going Tiny.” Partner Karen Goins, also a former college professor, has been a wellness director, magazine publisher, and local radio personality. She is also the Retreat Facilitator at Bella-Green, their bed and breakfast where you can spend the night to get a feel for Tiny House living.