Bella Green B&B is where can spend the night in your choice of a Tiny House, our original Guesthouse with screen porch, or decadent Glamping PleniSphere Tent. With an overnight stay, we are happy to listen to your Tiny Living dreams and ideas over breakfast while sharing our Tiny purchasing and building experiences to help you decide on the perfect TINY fit for you. Reservations can be made by clicking HERE.



Have you heard about Doc’s Drive in Theatre and its magical Weewok Village in Buda, TX (just outside of Austin)? Opening the first weekend in May, they will have available for rent, three of the Tiny House models we can help you with!


Spend the night in your favorite model AND enjoy a one-of-a-kind fun movie experience. If you choose to buy a Tiny from us after spending the night here (within 30 days) we will rebate the cost of your overnight stay!